Karachi, The City that never Sleeps

If you are in search of life you look for water on another planet but if you are in search of liveliness you look for happenings and entertainment.

 If you are living in Karachi, something is happening all the time, a city of over 20 million as per some sources is a happening place for all ages.

For Women👩, there is always a big sale at their favorite brands like on 6th September sales of different clothing brands is already lined up and for men (and women) it could be a sporting event. You will never find a day go by when there are no events planned in the city you just have to look at the right place.

The Expo Centre is always hosting some events almost every week like in the next week Pak Lifestyle Furniture Expo is going to start

The food streets🍩 of Karachi are always buzzing with people, There is not a dull moment be it a bunch of college friends or a family that decided to eat outside in the late hours of night you will always find all sorts of people enjoying themselves. 

Malls are a new attraction these days where the whole family can have fun, the kid can go to that playing area and the women can enjoy shopping while the husbands carry the bags, keep an eye on the kids, or get some shopping done for themselves.

The movie lovers can enjoy a good movie till late hours at multiple Cineplexes in the city and that's not half of it. 

A musical show at Arts Council will lighten you up if you are feeling down or just a view of the sunset at the beach will wash the stress out of your body. 

Beach lovers can be found enjoying the whole day in their own ways.

The parks are full of families having lunch or dinner and kids playing on those swings. The jogging track is full of young and old. You will find some clubs teaching yoga in those parks too so fitness crazy people have their little entertainment enjoying the green park while doing what they love.

The entertainment factor of the city is one of the most spent on for all the different reasons. The people with families will do it for their kids, the colleagues at the office will do it to come together and relieve some of that stress at work and housewives will catch up with their friends to get away from the busy life of the household. 

The liveliness of the city can be felt on the roads of the city as you move around. You won't find a traffic signal or a road the whole day which is quite as empty as it should be considering the time of the day. That is because people have to make use of the time slots available to them avoid the rush hours and miss the fun in some cases.This city will never cease to amaze its residents. 

The winters are here and they bring the fun with them the kids are getting ready to drag the parents out of the house every day and the entertainment industry seems quite ready for it too there are events everywhere around be it the shopping festivals at the malls with fun for everyone or an event at the expo or arts council. 

If not that, the kids can just go to a park and enjoy with their friends and cousins.
Karachi is home to all sorts of famous personalities be it celebrities of the entertainment industry or that sportsman that used to play in the streets of the city before being found. 

There are a thousand stories on these streets that need to be heard, these stories draw inspiration for all the others that are chasing a dream of their own.
The city has expanded a lot with an increasing population and an influx of labor from across Pakistan. The newly constructed societies around the city are already giving a picture of success. Karachi is touching other cities at every corner and there is an ocean with beaches on one side.

There are many landmarks to visit on a day in the city you can go to Mazar - e - Quaid or a museum if that's what you are into. 

One will visit the big parks or Mohatta Palace to see the rich culture and history of the city. Karachi’s old city areas give you a unique and antique look with buildings made with yellow stones.

Wherever you see you will find labors working on some new project that would catch your eye with a lot of high-rise buildings being constructed across the city you will see that the city is still ready to see some major changes in the real estate. 

With the land being extinct in the city covering that old bungalow into a housing project seems to be the favorite activity of the developers. with the demand reaching a time high and houses full of people the developers are coming up with unique ideas to cater to the needs of the population. either advertising those projects far away from the city center or making room for new projects in the city in place of the old constructions.

The city has a life and it's not ready to give up on it the liveliness seems to be increasing and it's real to welcome new life and in the ever-changing society and many more new elegant villa for sale, are available! It has adopted and people seem to be happy with it as you can judge by the smiles around. One would hope it to be that way always.


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